Oncology results

Hate to admit it but radiotherapy and the cold weather got the better of me and I spent the majority of last week in bed.  Friday morning I took myself to the doctor and was told I had laryngitis and was prescribed antibiotics and my new best friend, difflam throat spray.  It didn't help bring my voice back  but certainly soothed it better than any throat lozenges.

Thankfully, come Monday morning I was feeling much better - to the point where having a shower didn't tire me out.  My voice had also started to come back, much to my relief and my nephew's frustration.

It was a long day at the cancer centre, waiting to see yet another oncologist who I'd never met before. The oncologists are all very nice but it would be so much nicer if there was some consistency.  It would ease having to explain your history each time and them understanding where your questions are coming from.  I got my CT scan results of my back and pelvis and they're still stable.  Next April I'll have a CT and bone scan so they can try and get a better comparison - make sure the cancer there isn't growing or spreading.  I've been prescribed Tamoxifen and that will be my drug of choice for the next five years at least!

I then blew the oncologists mind trying to organise treatment dates to fit in with my trip back home to NZ!  Yip, I'm going back to NZ with Rachel and Theo so I can recuperate with family in the sunshine.  I'm away for the longest amount of time my travel insurance will allow me, so I'll be back in the UK on 6 March.  Thanks to the good people at Canterbury District Health I've also been able to organise my treatment while I'm back home so I won't have to miss out while I'm home - such a relief.  All in all, it was worth waiting for my oncology appointment to get those results and appointments sorted.  It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!!


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