Post radiotherapy

I know they said that you can feel worse up to two weeks after radiotherapy but I didn't think that would happen to me...  It's now day 6 post radiotherapy treatment and there's a pink square on my right chest where the radiotherapy was targeted, a rash under my right arm and slight blistering around the right boob.  I'm not impressed.  To make matters worse, I've come down with a sore throat and am desperately hoping it won't turn into a full blown cold.

Today is a day for resting, lemon and honey drinks and my go to comfort food, tomato soup.  And the best bit is, I can stay in bed all day and be waited on by sister Rachel and nephew Theo.

Thankfully, after a month of being in hospital every day for radiotherapy and scans, this week is a quiet week.  Next Monday I get my CT scan results (bone scan) and will probably start on Tamoxifen.  Next Wednesday I'll have my last treatment (Trastuzumab,  Pertuzumab and Zometa) before Christmas.  Next Saturday my brother arrives from the States so we'll have 4 of us in my wee place for Christmas #cosy!

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