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I'm back in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Around this time last year I had an unexpected trip back home to say goodbye to my dad.  This year I'm back in NZ for some good old summer lovin - family time - and to recuperate in the warmth.

As Rachel and Theo were doing the long old flight back to NZ, I decided to fly back with them and they came in real handy lifting and carrying my suitcases!

We flew out of London on Monday evening.  That morning, I was at Guy's Cancer Centre.  I had to have a "one stop shop" - oncology and treatment all on the same day before leaving for NZ. The oncology appointment was all good - no adverse side effects from the Tamoxifen.  My toe nails falling out are all just part of the joys of chemo.  Just to be on the safe side though, I needed my bloods checked before they would give me treatment.  This took a couple hours to turn around so my treatment didn't get started until 1300.  The taxi to the airport was booked for 1700 and I still had last minute packing to do...  It was tight but I made it back home, threw some extra bits into the suitcase and only kept the taxi driver waiting for 5 mins!

I used to get excited about long haul flights.  Not any more.  12 hours cooped up in a stuffy tin can with recirculated air, I was so ready to get off in Singapore.  Thankfully we had decided to break the journey and have a few days in Singapore before flying on to Christchurch.  It had been 21 years since I'd actually spent any time in Singapore and it reminded me of Dubai how it's spread, reclaiming land and filling every inch with high rises.   The best bit though was having a belated 40th birthday Singapore Sling cocktail at Raffles Long Bar which had opened ahead of the hotel after its refurbishment.  The cocktail gods smiled on me!


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