Back to reality

I landed back in London 46 days after leaving - my uber expensive travel insurance dictated that I could only be away for 45 days. So long as I departed on the 45th day, I could land on the 46th day so that’s exactly what I did.

When I eventually made it back to my flat it was back to reality with a bang.  It was just me, two very heavy suitcases and a set of stairs.  I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy so that left me worrying about how I was going to get my suitcases upstairs.  Thankfully no sooner had I put my key in the front door than my downstairs neighbour came out his flat and offered to carry my cases upstairs for me - I think he might be regretting that chivalry now as the cases were packed full of NZ treats which weigh a surprising amount!

When I left my flat back in January, it wasn’t just me leaving, it was my sister and nephew who had been staying with me since the beginning of December.  In fact, since I’ve been in my flat I’ve had visitors staying with me more often than I’ve been by myself.  This year, with chemo over, I don’t have a schedule of visitors and it will take some adjusting not having visitors cooking for me and keeping me entertained!

Sadly, while I was back home I rather overindulged. I managed to delude myself with the help of elasticated shorts but now I’m back in the UK winter, my jeans are rather too snug for comfort so I’ll be looking to get an exercise routine going as soon as I shake the cold I’ve picked up.  When I joined my local gym I was given 3 personal training sessions as part of my joining package so I’ll be looking to book those now.  Despite knowing better, I ate carbs and sugar over Christmas and my time in NZ so it’s back to my overnight fasting and carb & sugar free diet again.

The final, and biggest adjustment, is returning to work!  I got my fit note for a phased return to work at my oncology appointment this morning.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the office after 10 months away.  A lot has changed in the office so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about going in after such a long time away.  What I am looking forward to is the normality of working and having a routine again - a bit of normality for a while and hopefully a little less drama this year.

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