Bossing it!

This week has been a week of lots of new normals.  I started back at work, I started back on the nutritionists recommended diet (well, mostly) and made it to the gym for a swim!

After going off on sick leave on 21 May 2018, I returned to work at King's College London on Tuesday 12 March 2019.  I was rather apprehensive about returning to work - when I left, I had a blonde bob and now I'm rocking a short grey crop.  I may have been off with metastatic cancer but I think I'm the only cancer clubber that has put on weight and not lost any - who gets cancer and puts on weight?!  Looks aside, since I've been off on sick leave, two of my good friends in the office have moved on to new roles/countries and there have been so many new hires, I was worried I'd struggle to fit back in.

Like most worries, they were needless and my biggest troubles on my first day back were remembering passwords, how to connect my laptop to the dual screens and how to log on to my phone!  I was given the time and space to go through my emails - how satisfying is it to be able to clear an inbox by deleting most of the emails?!  It was also lovely to reconnect with colleagues and hear what they've been up to in my absence.  While I'm not back full time yet - I'm on a very gentle phased return, working two short days this week and three days next week, it's great to have some structure and routine to define my new normal.

I'm also dead chuffed that I made it to the gym this week.  While I joined the local gym through Macmillan's Move More scheme last year, what with one operation and another I only made it a couple times in December with my nephew.  Now that operations are over and I have my port a cath, I'm able to swim.  Swimming is about the only aerobic exercise I can do now so it's great to have a pool so close to me.  I used to swim 1 or 1.5km once a week and used it as thinking time - it's where I had some of my best and crazy ideas.  Today I was more than content with my 400m effort. in the slow lane!  I just hope my shoulders and back are ok tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm back to volunteering at Park Run - so it really is back to normality.  I feel so lucky that I get to have a "normality" again as at times last year I really wasn't so sure.


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