Frustrating appointments with no outcomes

I had an appointment at the Breast Clinic at Guy's Hospital yesterday morning.  I arrived hopeful that I would get a date for the second op, the one on my left breast, however I left frustrated and with no answers.

My appointment was delayed by nearly an hour and then I didn't see the surgeon but a consultant, who was lovely, and probably more human than the consultant.  I mentioned that I was hoping for a date for surgery and she straight away popped that balloon and said I'd have to wait for a year after radiotherapy as the right breast is still changing size and shape.  I couldn't believe it.  Initially, I was under the assumption the surgeries would be done within a month of each other.  Then, last September I was told I'd have to wait up to six months.  Now it's a year.  The changing time scales are  the most frustrating thing - in my mind, I was prepared for another operation in June/July however now the earliest I can have surgery is September - if the surgeons aren't all away on holiday or at conferences then.

I'll have another appointment at the Breast Clinic in July where hopefully the time scales won't change again and the powers that be will confirm that I can have the second operation and a date for surgery will be scheduled.

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