Raison d'être

It's all about no regrets.  When I was with Matt, I thought I got it, but it's not until your life becomes precious, that you really get it and live every day making sure you have no regrets.  I also need things to look forward to - to keep me going and give me a reason to stay fit and strong.

A huge part of living life for me, is getting out exploring the world.  There's nothing better than
waking up in a strange city, listening to the hum of the city as it wakes up, smelling and tasting new delicacies, absorbing new cultures and seeing some amazing and wonderful sights.  With this in mind, and knowing that I will probably have surgery in September, I've got my 2019 planned!

Most important was knowing when I would see family, my sister in particular again.  Thankfully my brother's 50th birthday proved the necessary excuse so we're meeting up in the States (Vegas baby!) in late September.   I'm really hoping the surgery goes ahead in early September without any complications.

Next was planning a catch up with travel buddy and partner in crime who is currently living in the Philippines.  With the help of Rickshaw Travel, we've got an awesome 18 days in Vietnam and Cambodia planned in November!  We were hoping to include Laos but work got in the way - there's only so much leave in a year so we've had to limit ourselves to Vietnam and Cambodia - first world problems!!!

I've also got Christmas sorted - I promised my sister I'd be back for Christmas.  It's only fair after their family was split for Christmas in 2018 because of me.  I'm not sure how long it's been since I've had a summer Christmas but I'm already looking forward to it!  Thankfully the university closure holidays mean I can take a good break over Christmas to go home and recharge in the summer sun surrounded by friends and family.

To keep me going until September I've got a couple little city breaks - Italy at Easter and Barcelona in May.  That should just about keep me going!

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