Echocardiogram clear

Yesterday I had my 4 monthly echocardiogram - thankfully these appointments are generally on time and I'm usually in and out quickly as hospital appointments go.

I need the echocardiograms (echo's) as I'm on Trastuzumab, otherwise known as Herceptin.  One of the possible side effects of Herceptin is heart problems, along with watery eyes, runny eyes and weight loss.  Wish I had that last side effect, that's certainly not happening at the moment.  Thankfully so far my echo's have indicated my heart is coping with the Herceptin just fine - long may it continue as Herceptin will continue to be part of my 3 weekly treatment for as long as it's effective.  While Herceptin may have quite a few side effects, it helps block the effects of HER2 and encourages the immune system to attack and kill cancer cells so it's worth taking the risk in my opinion.

Next week is treatment week - Oncology on Monday and treatment on Wednesday.  Thankfully I generally feel ok after treatment - here's hoping that continues as I'm back working again now and can't afford to take any more time off after such a long absence last year.

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