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So I had my routine oncology appointment today - 4 weeks instead of 3 as I had a friend from Japan visiting last week and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

I saw yet another consultant in the oncology team, first time I'd seen him, but thankfully he had time to answer my questions.  He mentioned I was due another routine CT scan.  The CT scans are used to monitor my cancer - check whether there's any more progression in the bones, or progression to new areas - most likely the brain, lungs or liver.  There is no way of predicting if/when the cancer may spread which on the one hand is great - so long as the treatment works, I can continue living a fairly normal life.  On the other hand, it's emotionally exhausting - how far in the future do you plan?  Do I have to pack in as much as I can this year, or will I still be well and able next year?..

As part of my routine oncology appointment I have my bloods taken so they can check to make sure I'm healthy enough to cope with the treatment on Wednesday.  As I have a port, they can use this to take my bloods which saves me being poked like a pin cushion, however today, my port wasn't playing ball.  They could flush the port - pump saline fluid in - but they couldn't get anything out.  There was clearly a blockage in there somewhere.  This meant the nurse had to get one of the oncology doctors to prescribe a drug which would help clear the blockage.  I then had to wait 30 mins for the drug to work before going back for my blood test.  2 hours later, I finally had my bloods taken.     Fingers crossed the port behaves when I have treatment on Wednesday.


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