Dinner with Hugh Dennis!

I'm going to have dinner with Hugh Dennis next week!!!  The closest I've come to him before was spotting him while waiting for our fateful flight to St Petersburg for Matt's 40th and he happened to be at Heathrow Airport at the same time.

When I say having dinner with Hugh Dennis, I guess I should clarify.  I'll be in the same room as him and I may well be serving him dinner.  It's very doubtful that I'll be sitting at the same table as him or that he would even know I was there!

How have I managed to get myself into the same room as Hugh you ask?  Well, it's Breast Cancer Haven's London Quiz on Thursday 9 April and I've volunteered to help out for the evening.  I could be responsible for hosting a table, selling raffle tickets, marking the quiz, checking coats and serving drinks!  Basically anything to keep me busy and away from Hugh Dennis 🤣.

Breast Cancer Haven helped me out last year with complementary treatments and workshops.  They provided me with a safe space and a community and it made a real difference just knowing they were there.  Volunteering gives me the opportunity to give a little back and ensure they're there for others in need.

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