Treatment postponed

I guess I've been burning the candle at both ends recently - keen to get back to "normal", so have been working and playing a little too hard.  It was all going so well - work was getting busier and they felt confident enough to give me a new project and I was building up to coping with working 5 days and having the odd late night.

Unfortunately, with the excitement of feeling normal again, I pushed myself too far, forgetting to pace myself and as a result, on a girls weekend away in Barcelona, ended up poorly, losing my voice and having early nights when everyone else was out having fun.  Sleep alone wasn't curing my sore throat, cough, congestion, conjunctivitis and ear ache so I went to the doctors who informed me I had a raging ear infection.  He's put me on a course of antibiotics, but this has meant that the treatment I was supposed to have yesterday has been postponed until next Wednesday.

You can't believe the frustration I'm feeling now - after months off work to now have yet more time off.  I guess it's a lesson I needed to learn - maintaining work/life balance.  It's not getting back to normal as it was, it's my new normal that I still need to define.


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