Living well with cancer

I feel like I'm at a cross roads.  I'm back working five days a week.  I love being back at work however some days I just get overwhelmed and I feel like I no longer have the time and energy to maintain the positive lifestyle changes to ensure I live well with cancer.

I want to live my life to the full and while I'm in London and that includes enjoying everything that London has to offer.  However I'm sure the London lifestyle was a contributing factor to me getting cancer.  I don't want to compromise on living life but if I continue the way I am, I fear the treatment may stop working and the cancer will start spreading again.  Also, with the balance of work and play at the moment, I'm not really enjoying either as I'm constantly exhausted and playing catch up.

With my PDR just around the corner at work, I'm really reflecting on what it is about my job that gives me satisfaction and trying to work out whether I can afford to reduce my hours at all.  I've gone back up to 5 days a week at work however I've had lots of long weekends recently which has been part of the problem - not having any down time at home - going straight from work to play and back to work again.  I'm craving a routine but my life seems to be anything but routine or normal!

While pondering my predicament, I've realised how lucky I was last year to have the time and space to focus on me, to sleep lots, eat well and get out in the fresh air, which I'm sure enabled me to get through the treatment and be in the position I'm in now.  I'm finding the bad habits - eating ready made, processed, convenience food, drinking more than I should and sleeping rather than getting up and exercising, creeping back in.

Now it all comes down to priorities, the most important being my health, and self control to maintain the positive lifestyle changes I made last year - easier said than done!

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