Recovering from an ear infection

One month on and I still have blocked ears.  The infection cleared up with the antibiotics but, frustratingly, I’ve still got blocked ears.  They’re not as bad as they were but I still feel like an old lady asking everyone to repeat what they said because I couldn’t hear them.  I’m also constantly feeling tired and whenever I’m not at work or out playing, I’m napping.  I think this may be self-inflicted as I’m now working five days a week again and have had weekends away, which have been super good for my soul but less good for my stamina!  Feeling a little better last week, I managed a couple days back doing my wee session the physio set for me at the gym last week.  I’m too scared to go swimming again with blocked ears so sadly, I haven’t done any cardio for a month. 

I was due for treatment again this week however I have some training at work so have postponed it until next week.  I’ll be seeing oncology again on Monday 24 June.  Rather than going back to the GP who dismissed my blocked ears as just taking time to unblock, I’ll see if the oncologist can offer any advice.   All going well, Wednesday 26 June I’ll be spending the afternoon in my wipe clean purple seat getting my fix of drugs. 


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