Date for surgery

The surgeon who did my initial breast surgery, Mr Douek, has moved from Guy's Hospital to the JR in Oxford.  I'm in two minds about it - he had the worst interpersonal skills however the surgery he did was brilliant - I virtually have no scarring.

Today I had an appointment at the Breast Clinic with Mr Kovacs to see whether I had waited long enough for my right breast to settle after the radiotherapy so I could have my left breast "symmetrised".  What a change Mr Kovacs was - the appointment was only half an hour delayed and he was actually human in his interactions - I think we even shared a joke!

It still feels strange to sit in a room with your top and bra off and be poked and prodded as the surgeon assesses what they'll do in surgery.

Thankfully today I was given the ok to have surgery and was even given a date!  Surgery is booked for Tuesday 27 August.  A bit sooner than I was expecting but it's good to know things are progressing.  Now it's all the knock on implications like letting work know I'll have yet more time off - at least two weeks, possibly three.  I'll also have to have that horrible conversation with my travel insurance company and hope to god that they don't cancel my insurance on me again.


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