Happy birthday Matt

11 July and my annual pilgrimage to the Malvern Hills to see how those pink flowers (to be totally honest, they're weeds but we only found that out after scattering his ashes) are doing and to spend time with Matt - and now James.

Last year I was spoilt as I had my niece and nephew with me, the weather was actually hot, like summer and there was anticipation in the air as England were in the football World Cup semi finals! 

This year I had to take the day off work, I've got hair again and just like my girl Syra, it's definitely grey!  Unlike last year, it's a cooler, overcast day with a few spots of rain as we make our way back down the hill to the car and back to Birmingham for dinner at the Kababish - Matt's favourite curry house.

As chance would have it, we had just finished our dinner and were in the car when who should walk past but the Prof!  Prof Cruickshank who gave Matt his 14 extra years by taking a chance and operating on him.  We said hello to the Prof which startled him - the last time we saw the Prof was at Matt's funeral 6 years ago so Prof, we're not stalkers, we're just incredibly grateful for everything you did for Matt, and we happen to love the curry house that's in your neighbourhood!

Not many pink flowers this year!


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