Scan week

Today I have my routine three monthly echocardiogram - needed as I'm on a 3 weekly intravenous dose of Herceptin and one of the side effects is heart problems.  Thankfully the echo team are usually on time and I'm in and out pretty quickly - once I get all the gel off

On Friday, I have my routine CT scan - this is to monitor my bone cancer and to check if it's spread to any other organs, primarily the lungs or liver.  My back has been a bit tight recently but I think this could well be down to carrying heavier bags than I should have, a new programme at the gym and my mindful movement class as part of my physiotherapy at Guy's Hospital. 

Following on from my CT scan (if everything is on time) I then have a mammogram.  This should be a routine annual check but it's quite overdue for me and is needed prior to my breast surgery on 27 August.  Most of the other scans you lie on a bed, close your eyes and wait for it to be over.  For the mammogram, you have to stand and have your breasts "gently but firmly compressed" by the machine.  

While I don't mind the scans - I had so many of them last year, they're just an inconvenience for me getting time off work now - I do worry about the results.  I'm now in that limbo where I'm not sick but I'm not well.  The cancer is still there but have I been doing enough to keep it under control?  It's now just me going to appointments, there's no one to share the anxiety with as I wait to see the Oncologist (who's inevitably late) and is more than likely someone I haven't seen before.  


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