Friday 16 Aug - Pre op

I've had my operation date for a while now - since 8 July to be precise.  Since then I've been waiting for a letter confirming my surgery on Tuesday 27 August, a date for a mammogram and a pre-op assessment.

I had my mammogram on Friday 2 August and I haven't heard anything more about it so am assuming it's all fine.  With less than three weeks until my op and still no date for the pre-op assessment or letter confirming the time of my operation, I began chasing it up through my Clinical Nurse Specialist.  As it's the height of English summer, of course she was away on leave.  Unfortunately she didn't give any alternative contact details so it was a matter of calling up the nursing team and waiting for someone in the team to be assigned your case.  I had a call back and was told they would chase up my pre assessment.  Nearly a week later, I called again and the breast clinic team wanted to know how soon I could come in for my pre assessment!  

Pre-assessment involves lots of waiting around.  It's in a depressingly dark corridor on the first floor of Tower Wing at Guy's Hospital.  You fill in a form and then wait.  Then you have to do your MRSA swabs, then they measure your height and weight before taking your blood pressure.  You're then sent back to the waiting room before another nurse takes you into their soulless office to go through your form and check for allergies.  

During this appointment I was asked if I'd stopped taking Tamoxifen.  For operations over 90 mins there's a risk of blood clots if you're on Tamoxifen so you have to stop taking it two weeks prior to the op.  No one has told me how long my operation is going to be.  If I have to stop taking Tamoxifen, then presumably surgery will be delayed and who knows how long it will be delayed for - it has to fit in with Mr Kovacs surgery schedule and my upcoming holidays at the end of September and mid November.

Finally, I had my bloods taken and then I was free to head back to work.  

Now I'm waiting on tenterhooks to find out if all will proceed as planned: Tuesday 27 August, 11 o'clock with at least one night in hospital.

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