Oncology update

It was my routine Oncology appointment today and I was due to get my scan results.  Last year I could feel myself getting stronger and the treatment working so I was never worried about the scan results.  This year - the start of the limbo period - you've got cancer but it's stable so you're able to live with it - I've started to dread the oncology appointments for fear of getting some bad news.

The past few weeks I've been really tired and I've been feeling twinges in my back.  It's so hard to know whether it's just old age and my body getting used to me going back to the gym or if it's something I should take note of in case I'm doing damage to my spine and the cancer is spreading.  Every little cough and I'm worried it's gone to my lungs...  I'm turning into a hypochondriact!

My fears were needless.  It's old age. The scans showed everything was stable so continue with the three weekly Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab and reduce the Zometa down to every three months.  This means my Onocolgy appointments will now be every three months too.

I had a list of questions to ask the Oncologist and today he actually had time to listen to them.  We resolved the issue of whether or not I need to stop taking Tamoxifen before my op next week.  The answer was yes, I need to stop taking it.  Usually you have to stop taking it two weeks prior to surgery by Mr Kovacs is happy to proceed with the surgery if I stop taking the Tamoxifen as of today, so one week prior to surgery.

So that was two bits of great news to start the week - stable scan and surgery proceeding as planned.


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