Breast surgery - ah no, not today

Yesterday didn't go at all as planned.

I was scheduled for afternoon surgery so turned up at Guy's Hospital day surgery unit at 11 o'clock as instructed.  After a short wait I was called through to the waiting area by a nurse who went through my pre op form, took my obs - blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature.  I was told I was first on the list for afternoon surgery - things were going well.  I gowned up and managed to get my compression socks on.  Looking ever so sexy in my gown and socks, the anaesthetist came and spoke to me about the procedure and consented me.  Next up was the surgeon...

His first words were, your mammogram showed some calcification so we want to do another mammogram and possibly a biopsy.  If this happens then surgery won't go ahead today as planned as we don't want to operate on your left boob if we need to go back and do further surgery on your right boob.  I was in shock.  The mammogram was done on 2 August.  Since then I'd had oncology and pre-op appointments - why wasn't this calcification picked up earlier?

In my sexy sexy gown I was taken up to the third floor to have another mammogram or ten.  The radiologist and Mr Kovacs agreed that I would need a biopsy so I was sent back to day surgery to change, have something to eat and then head back to the third floor for a vacuum assisted biopsy at 1415.  I only heard biopsy and the previous ones weren't pleasant but weren't the worst thing in the world.  Just as well I didn't google vacuum assisted biopsy!

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say my boobs aren't small - most people dream of big boobs, however for me, this just means more room for the calcification to bury itself and typically, the spot where the calcification is means I have to contort myself into the most awkward position on the mammogram machine.  Contorted and in an uncomfortable position, they then clamp the boob, squeezing it and I'm told to relax!  I had several mammograms in a variety of positions, sitting and lying down and finally they agreed they had the right position when I was lying down.  A computer then calculated the exact position to take the biopsy - so long as I had stayed still and not moved!

An hour later and the biopsy was over - not a procedure I want to have done again in a hurry.  My biopsy results will be discussed at the MDT meeting on Monday and I have an appointment on Tuesday morning with the surgeon - Mr Kothari to get my results and find out what the next steps are - surgery on one or both boobs.  Until then, it's back to work for me.


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