Yoga with bone cancer

Whilst on my chemo treatment last year I was referred to the oncology physiotherapy team at Guy's Hospital.  I had 6 or so 1:1 sessions, trying to build strength in my legs which worked as I can now walk without a limp most days.

Prior to my diagnosis I had just started to get in to yoga and pilates, finding them really useful to stretch and tone as well as clear the mind and help me relax.  As a runner, I'm naturally tight and not very flexible, however with the added complications of a fractured pelvis and cancer in the spine, I was paranoid about exercising and causing more damage.  I was put on the wait list for mindful movement however I had to have finished treatment before I could get on the list.

Finally, on 9 July, a place on the mindful movement class became available and I was treated to six group sessions, led by the lovely Joelle Rainford.  The first class was lovely, little stretches and lots of relaxation.  Each week we progressed, incorporating more yoga poses, each of us tentatively trying the poses to see if our bodies would support us.  I was really nervous about some of the stretches, especially rocking on my back and the back stretch with a bolster and I really felt my back after this session.  While I had confidence to try the poses in the class, it was down to knowing I was in a supportive environment with an instructor who knew our medical histories and wouldn't ask us to try and poses that would hurt us.

Sadly, my six sessions at mindful movement have finished now.  I will continue with some 1:1 physio sessions and I intend to try and incorporate as much yoga into those sessions as possible.

For now, I just have some of Joelle's yoga videos on YouTube:

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