Zometa and the dentist

Prior to starting my chemo treatment last year I had to have a check up with the dental team on the 18th floor at Guy's Hospital.  This is because I was starting on Zometa or zoledronic acid and one of the side effects is osteonecrosis of the jaw.

The dental team checked to make sure I didn't need any teeth out as this can be problematic and cause osteonecrosis (death of the bone tissue) once on zometa.  I was given a dental alert card to carry with me at all times.  This put the fear of god into me.  I understood it as, avoid the dentist from now on at all costs as anything a dentist does may cause osteonecrosis.

My wilful ignorance led to a sensitive tooth a couple weeks ago - a tooth that had previously flared up and caused crippling tooth pain.  Fear of the tooth flaring up again won out over my new fear of dentists and I registered with a local dentist.  Turns out that my 18 month sabbatical from the dentist has led to a build up of plaque, the dire need for 3 fillings, a root canal and crown and the need for a guard as my teeth are being worn down and have hairline cracks by me grinding my teeth.  Ouch.

It looks like my dentist and I are going to become great buddies over the next few weeks as I get my teeth repaired 😬.

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