Biopsy results

Tuesday 3 September, 1000 appointment in the breast clinic, 3rd Floor, Tower Wing of Guy's Hospital.

A friend who has also had breast cancer told me you know it's bad news if there's a nurse in the room with the oncologist/surgeon.  When I walked into the room to get my results, there was no nurse.  Thankfully Mr Kovacs got straight to the point and said the amazing, relief inducing words, the biopsy was negative, there's no need to worry.

OMG, after a week of being back in limbo, unable to plan anything as you're not sure if you'll be in surgery again asap or if it's even worth planning things 6 months, a year out as who knows how you'll be then.  Actually I think I did pretty well most of the week - adopting the attitude, you can't do anything about it so just keep busy until Tuesday.  Despite clearing my desk in preparation for being off for surgery, work threw a report my way which I was grateful for to keep my mind occupied.  The weekend was spent with friends from NZ.  However by Sunday, with the appointment and results just days away, it became harder and harder to concentrate and to focus on anything.  

So, with the biopsy negative, it was time to find another date for surgery - one that fitted in with Mr Kovcas schedule and my travel plans!  I had thought my surgery would be in June so I booked some trips for the end of the year.  First up, in less than a month, is Vegas.  Unable to reschedule before Vegas, surgery will be after the trip and is now scheduled for Tuesday 15 October.

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