Falling apart

Enough is enough and with surgery being postponed, I decided to address lots of niggling issues which I could no longer pass off as "ageing" or hope they would get better in time.

A couple weeks ago I posted about my first visit back to the dentist since going on Zometa.  Well, after the shock of the amount of work, and more precisely, the cost of the work, I decided to get a second opinion and went back to my kiwi dentist and The Dental Surgery, Kirsty Fiddes.  Thank god I did, she had a wee poke around and discovered that my sinuses come down really close to my teeth, and the tooth that was identified as needing a root canal.  My sinuses had flared a couple weeks ago, so I'm hoping that was the reason for the sensitivity and the tooth is back to its happy place now so no need to disturb it with a root canal.  All I need is an appointment with the hygienist, nightly application of tooth mousse and one filling - not three as the other dentist indicated.

Over the past year I've also noticed that I've had to start holding menus further and further away in order to read them.  One year on, I realised I couldn't continue blaming bad lighting and so booked myself in to see an Optician.  My prescription has changed and hopefully the new glasses will help however the best thing about the appointment was getting advice on my dry eyes.  The optician noticed how dry my eyes were and has recommended some kick arse eye drops for work and hycosan night for overnight and what a change.  So often it's the simple things - if only I'd had the drops last year.

On a roll with my teeth and eyes, I compiled a list of my other ailments and miraculously, managed to get a same day doctor's appointment.  The poor guy didn't know what had hit him!  Last year, the inside of my nose felt like it was raw and bled.  It came back again this year and I just put it down to the medication and hoped it would go away.  Turns out my nose was quite inflamed and with an application of cream - naseptin - the soreness lessened and the bleeding stopped.  What a relief!  I won't overshare and list the other ailments...

Now, if only I could find a cure for my fingernails which continue to rip to the quick despite applying copious amounts of organic, nutrient rich cuticle cream and nail strengthener.  Not only do I miss having nicely manicured nails, but it hurts when they keep ripping.


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