Time for a detox

I hate to say it but I'm the heaviest I've ever been.  I'm not the unfittest but definitely the heaviest.  Seems rather unfair - I've got cancer but rather than loose weight, I'm piling it on.  It's mainly down to comfort eating and being too tired to cook properly after work in the evenings.  I've got good intentions, but by the time I get home from work, some days I just crave starch and a good old glass of wine or two...

I think part of me was waiting for the operation to sort everything out, but with it being postponed until mid October, I've realised I need to take action - now.  For a bit of a kick start to reboot my system, I've decided to do a 3 day detox.  After reading about the various pros and cons of detoxes and the different types, I've gone with cold pressed juices from RawPress juice, supplemented with nuts, berries and salad.  Day two and it's not nearly as bad as I thought, the juices are keeping me full although I seriously lacked energy last night and was in bed by 1830!

Following on from the juice detox, I've signed up to a three day meal plan with Detox Kitchen so I can gradually introduce the right foods back into my body.  After that, it's back on the keto diet and staying off the alcohol.

In line with the new improved, healthy Kris, I've signed up to some personal training sessions in Tooting Common with Hannah.  I had my first session this morning and I'm feeling really confident - she's ok with all my ailments and not being able to do certain exercises.  My aim is that the PT sessions will keep me motivated as I've really struggled to maintain motivation to go to the gym over the summer.  Now that the days are drawing in, I know from past experience, I'll talk myself out of going to the gym really easily.  Hannah, I'm relying on you to keep me motivated and moving through the autumn and winter!

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