Trew Fields

I've just heard about Trew Fields, an holistic health & cancer awareness festival (or restival) held on a farm in Surrey in July.  My first reaction was, no way, I don't want to be surrounded by people with cancer and have it in my face for a whole weekend.  But then curiosity got the better of me and I googled it - here's what the founder, Sophie Trew, has to say about the festival.

Some of the sessions look really interesting.  I'm hoping they have another session on Keto - fad, fake or breakthrough and Detoxing 101 in 2020.  I'm really struggling with maintaining a strict, healthy diet.  Unfortunately I'm a comfort over eater so there's no chance of me losing weight due to stress...  Also, what's not to love about a weekend in the Surrey countryside?

So, MDRBFH ladies, 2020 dates have been set: 3 - 5 July - shall we make a weekend of it?

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