Detox Kitchen deliveries when I'm too tired to cook

Some days I just don't feel like cooking.  To be totally honest, I don't think there's a day when I do feel like cooking but some days I can cobble together some fish and vegetables and other days that just seems too much effort and I end up reaching for the worst things for someone with cancer - processed, ready made, salty food.

So, I decided to try Detox Kitchen.  I chose the Green with Protein package as it's gluten, carb and sugar free, made fresh and I get the whole day's food delivered to my door each morning.  I love that it's super healthy and I don't have to think about anything food related apart from, how long do I have to wait until I can eat it!  

The meals are delivered in the wee hours of the morning.  I have mine left on top of the cupboards in our front yard.  Each morning is like Christmas as I run downstairs, collect my box, run back inside and open it to see what delights are in store for the day!  However, sadly one morning this week my box wasn't there...  I was slightly later getting up and by the time I went down to collect it, some cheeky so and so must have helped themselves to it.  I was livid.  Not only had someone stolen from me but I was now without any food for the day and I was missing out on Middle Eastern Aubergine Bowl.  I called Detox Kitchen to explain and, bless them, their customer service was exceptional.  They confirmed that the delivery had been made, however to make up for losing a day, they extended my delivery by a day.  Superstars.

While I can't afford to get all my meals through Detox Kitchen, it's perfect for the weeks when I'm low on energy or really busy and don't have time to focus on eating healthily.  

Breakfast - banana bread
Breakfast - blackberry & lime chia pudding

Lunch - celeriac steak with dijon dressing

Lunch - mushroom polpette bowl

Dinner - five spice broccoli with salmon

Chicken tikka masala


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