Travel insurance when you have cancer

I can no longer travel to the USA.  Let me rephrase that, I can no longer afford to travel to the USA, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, limiting the airlines and routes I can fly back home to NZ.

A month ago I received a letter from All Clear Travel Insurance stating my travel insurance policy was due for renewal.  I put it to the back of my mind, wanting to delay the distress of hearing, "I'm sorry, we can't insure you."  While I am, in my oncologist's words, "low risk and living well with cancer", there is no category for this in the insurance industry.

I was hoping that as I've finished active treatment (chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy) my premiums would be significantly lower this year.   However rather than classifying one of my ongoing drugs, Pertuzumab, as an antibody therapy, the travel insurance industry classify it as chemotherapy.  This has the knock on effect of me being deemed a high risk and only one travel insurance company being willing to offer me any form of cover.  I've tried all the brokers.  I can't believe I'm finding it harder than Matt to get travel insurance when he had a terminal prognosis.

Even without including the Americas in my insurance policy, the premium is exorbitant.  If I'm paying these premiums, I'm going to have to get my monies worth next year!


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