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The World Cancer Research Fund's recommendations for cancer prevention include being a healthy weight and eating healthy.

Cancer and nutrition

Since my surgery was cancelled in September, I've renewed my efforts to lose weight and eat healthily.  I reread the nutrition and supplement information Dawn Waldron created for me last year.  She recommended I adopt the Keto diet which meant I needed to cut out carbs however I really struggled to stick to this and would end up making some rice or pasta or filling up on loads of cheese when I got home from work, starving.   Dawn also recommended intermittent fasting, which I can do and have stuck to as much as possible - finishing eating by 8 pm and not eating until 10 or 11 the next day.

When I signed up for my PT sessions with Sarah O'Neill, I got a complimentary nutrition session.  Like I did with Dawn, we talked through my IBS, cancer diagnosis and current situation.  Sarah suggested that rather than stressing myself about not sticking to the keto diet, I adopt a low carb diet and, as nutritionists can't advise on medical conditions, she suggested I see a dietician through Guy's Cancer Centre and go through my list of supplements as I seem to be on quite a few!  


My appointment to see the dietician finally came through for last Thursday morning.  Bless her, I don't think she was expecting someone with quite so many questions!  Having cancer, you're weighed a lot at the hospital and sadly, those scales don't lie.  Over the past year I've gradually put on weight and I'm very definitely in the overweight category.  So, I was referred to Dimbleby Cancer Care to try and get my emotional eating under control.  She's made a note of the supplements I'm on and has sent them off to check whether they will interfere with my medication.   She also recommended I try the FODMAP diet.  Having lived with IBS for years, I've heard of it, even downloaded an app for it, but, like the Keto diet, it seemed really restrictive.  Turns out, it's a 6 week elimination diet and after 6 weeks you reintroduce foods back into your diet and monitor to see if they give you any IBS symptoms so you can identify your trigger foods.  I just need to find the time and head space to do the 6 week elimination, maybe I can squeeze it in after Vietnam and Cambodia, before heading back home for Christmas and my next appointment with her at the end of January.


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