Third time lucky?

Friday 13th, (election results day - God help the NHS), didn't really bode well for my appointment with the breast surgeon to get yet another date for my breast surgery.

Miracle of miracles, my appointment was only 30 mins late and Mr Kothari was actually pleasant.  Of all the surgeons, he spent the most time examine my boobs to see just what was required in the surgery and pulled numerous faces as he worked out how he would do the operation.  Who knew that in my 40's, my boobs would be getting so much attention and I'd be fine with getting my top off for just about anyone who asked!

The good news is, the operation is a go.  The new date is Saturday 8 February.  I'll have a drain in after the op but Mr Kothari seemed to think I could go home and wouldn't need to stay in overnight.  I'll then have two weeks recovery followed by working from home 24 - 28 Feb.

He was also great in scheduling my pre op for Thursday 18 December, when I need to be at the hospital for a routine CT scan.

Friday 13th turned out to be lucky for me after all.  Now that I know my operation date, I can finally make plans for 2020.


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