RTI delays treatment by a week

I must be on the mend - I'm finally back on the coffee.  10 days of no coffee - that's a first for me and an indication of just how rough I was feeling!

I was meant to have treatment last Wednesday - 2 weeks late due to my travelling but Oncology said I couldn't have it due to my respiratory tract infection (RTI).  Thankfully it was only postponed by a week so I've got treatment again on Wednesday 29 January.

I spent most of last week either in bed or on the sofa and have found a new crap programme to binge watch - Leverage.  Not sure I recommend it but it got me through a week where I had no energy and found it difficult to concentrate on anything.

I realised yesterday that I hadn't been out the flat for a week.  I survived the first part of the week on toast as that was all I could manage and sometimes it's just what you need, hot buttered toast.  A grocery delivery with fresh fruit and soups got me through the rest of the week.  Daylesford's Organic Chicken & Vegetable Broth is my new all time favourite, so so good.

I'm on the last of my antibiotics today.  My cough is only occasional now, my nose has dried up but my ears are still blocked.  My temperature also continues to spike, sometimes I'm in the mid 37's but then it's up at 38 again.  I need to get myself totally better so my operation can go ahead as planned on 8 February.  However, there's the pressure of work - I'm feeling guilty as I've already had a week off work and I desperately need to get back to one of my projects.  So many conflicting pressures.   This time I think health is going to win out, I'm no use to anyone if I'm not totally fit, this infection will just come back to bite me in the bum.  I guess it's time to call the GP so I can get a sick note.


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