Starting 2020 with an RTI

I used to love flying.  All of it, the buzz of the airport, settling in to your seat for a long haul flight, the anticipation of going somewhere new or the excitement of seeing friends and family again.  Not to forget the endless hours of bar service!

This Christmas I was once again able to go home to NZ to spend (not nearly enough) time with family and friends.  As usual, I packed a lot in, spending two weeks in NZ.  Ten days with Rachel and her family in the South Island and then a week driving our way up the North Island.  I then flew to Brisbane to see my Sri Lankan brother, Sutharshan and to feed the dolphins on Tangalooma Island.  From Brisbane I flew to the Philippines to see Vicki, arriving on my birthday and staying for a week.  This was all booked when I first returned to work last March and needed something to look forward to.  I hadn't factored in how short a time I had in NZ and just how tiring the travelling would be, or that I'd be starting out with a cold - one that I'd been fighting since May 2019.

Sadly the cold started to get the better of me and by Christmas day I succumbed to bed.  I managed my way around NZ with lots of lemsip, cough medicine and the like, however I just couldn't shake the cough.  I made it through Brisbane with more medication, lots of sleep and amazing sunshine.  Unfortunately, the Taal Volcano played havoc with our plans in the Philippines so we had three ridiculously early mornings in a row.  This, coupled with a bout of food poisoning just about finished me off.  I boarded the plane back to the UK armed with cough medication, ear drops and rehydration fluid.  It was a long and uncomfortable flight back and I'm rethinking my love of flying!

I felt worse than ever the next morning so checked my temperature and it was up.  I called the oncology team at Guy's and they advised me to go straight to A&E.  I'd been to St George's A&E before, but never by myself so that was a first.  Thankfully it was quiet and I was seen quickly.  They even managed to find a vein to put a catheter in easily so the gods were certainly on my side that morning.  They took bloods, I had a chest Xray and then they gave me some antibiotics and fluids and sent me home, diagnosis: lower respiratory tract infection 😔.

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