Breast surgery - fourth time a charm

I'm in shock and so relieved.  Fourth date and my surgery actually went ahead.  I can now close the chapter on the shittiness of being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, going through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.  Now it's all about my new normal, treatment every three weeks and fatigue, but apart from that, it's all about pushing boundaries, going on adventures and enjoying every moment.

All marked up
I arrived at the day surgery ward and after a short wait was taken through to the cubicle and was
asked to gown up straight away - I was first on the list!  Mr Kothari, the surgeon, came to see me and confirmed I was first on the list to make up for Saturday.  The anaesthsitist came and consented me - he was aware of my family history of malignant hyperthermia.  Mr Kothari was then straight in and drew all over me, marking me up ready for surgery.

Another anaesthetist came to see me and I started to worry - was there an issue?  No, he was just the senior consultant and wanted to make sure I knew the risks and spelt them out very clearly to me! I wasn't worried about the general anaesthetic before but thanks to his frank chat, he started to put doubts in my mind...  I was then told I was now second on the list, someone else needed to go before me.

Uh oh, this sounds familiar, was this going to be like the three other times when surgery was cancelled?  Like the other times, I was taken through to the waiting area.  It was 0900 and it was just me in a room full of chairs.  I waited and waited and tried to doze but was afraid I'd miss them calling my name.  Finally, around 1030 someone in scrubs came in with all my notes.  I prepared myself for the worst, I was so sure it was going to be cancelled so was surprised when she said it was time to go through - surgery was happening - now!
Nasty cannula in my neck

I walked into the theatre, lay on the bed and then three anaesthetists proceeded to cannulate and put all sorts of stickers on me so they could monitor me.  Thankfully there was a good bit of banter so when they asked me to confirm what operation I was having, they totally understood when I said, I'm getting awesome boobs!

A couple hours later I woke to a dreaded sense that I'd slept in and was late for work.  Then I thought maybe it was the weekend and it was ok, then I had a fleeting sensation that actually I was still on holiday in NZ.  I was quickly brought back to reality when the silence was broken by someone saying "you're in recovery".

I was monitored in recovery for a couple of hours where the nurses were amazing and couldn't do enough for me - bringing my bags, making coffee, keeping an eye on my stats and making sure I was comfortable.


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