Oncology - 3 monthly appointment


I met yet another Oncologist yesterday.  It's so frustrating not having any consistency or continuity.  The oncologists have skimmed through your notes and as a result don't know you or your history.  While initially, during the chemo treatment, I felt like there was care and they were treating me, not just a statistic, I now feel like I'm just another statistic and there is no care.

The other week my top right jaw became really painful - I can feel it when I open my mouth to yawn, or bite down on anything.  I mentioned this to the oncologist as one of the side effects of the Zometa is osteonecrosis - that would be my worst nightmare.  So, I'm now waiting for an appointment with the dental team at Guy's.

I asked whether my recent chest infection might affect my surgery on Saturday and I got the standard, I'm not a surgeon or anethsitist so I can't make that call.  When I explained that the surgery had already been cancelled twice and I'd be devastated if it was cancelled last minute again, he listened to my chest and said he didn't see any reason surgery couldn't go ahead.  I just have to keep myself healthy for 4 more nights - bring on the vitamin C!

Scan results

Anyway, I got my results of the CT scan in December.  My understanding is that it's still stable but is showing signs of sclerosis which is the bones reaction to the bisphosphonates and demonstrates a degree of healing as this means the bones have hardened.  The sclerosis is also common with the osteoarthritis.


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