Post breast surgery check up

I was initially surprised that the surgeon, Mr Kothari, wanted to see me less than a week after my operation as I'd been told it was usually 7 - 10 days post surgery.  However, by the time this morning rolled around I was so pleased it was today as the dressings were pretty manky and I was so over taking my drain around with me everywhere.

A couple of times I forgot about the drain, got up and started walking to feel a tug on the drain and quickly retreat to collect it and hope I hadn't pulled it out too far.  While I had a bag to carry the drain around in, the cord seemed to have a life of its own and catch on door handles, kitchen cupboards and cabinets.  I was also so over having to sleep on my right side.

My appointment was at 0900 at Guy's Hospital which meant I had to battle with all the other commuters on the Northern Line.  I fished out my "Please give me a seat" badge from when I was on chemo and after waiting a short while was able to not only get on the tube but get a seat for the journey.

It was a whirlwind appointment with Mr Kothari as he was fitting me in before a meeting.  He took off the old smelly dressings, seemed pleased with the results, snipped a few stitches and then whipped the drain out.  Mr Kothari kept asking me if I was pleased however it's really hard at this stage as my left breast is incredibly tender, in various shades of yellow and purple from the bruising and is still slightly swollen!

Me & my wound drain bag!
Less than fifteen minutes later I was out the door with a "see you in 3 months for a check up".


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