Post surgery recovery on Sara Ward

As this was my fourth date for my breast surgery, I wasn't at all confident that it would go ahead.  The cancellation of each surgery had really taken a toll on me mentally.  Each time I'd had to plan work around having time off, ask friends and family to take time out to be with me during and post surgery and plan my diary around recovery time, suspending my gym membership etc etc.  While I know I'm incredibly lucky to have a very supportive and understanding work and amazing friends and family who are there for me, with each cancellation, it got tougher and tougher for me to cope.  I couldn't process my disappointment as I had to manage everyone else's.

With this in mind, I decided that this time I wasn't going to ask anyone to come with me.  I knew what to expect pre surgery and I'd cope post surgery - if it ever happened.   If it happened, then I'd put the call out to ask people to pop by and check in on the invalid.

As I didn't have anyone with me post surgery I had to stay in overnight.  I was taken up to Sara Ward and had bed D6, in a room of ladies, most having come out of breast surgery and with drains, but one lady had her leg in a rather nasty looking brace.

Once again the nurses were lovely and attentive, bringing coffee and extra pillows.  As it was visiting time I was able to while away the afternoon chatting on the phone, in a pleasant, morphine infused haze.  The ward was absolutely sweltering - with Guy's being such an old building, you're either boiling hot or freezing cold.  I tried to watch a film on my iPad but couldn't concentrate.  Soon enough I was feeling sleepy but as soon as they turned the lights out I got my second wind and was wide awake.  It was then I became acquainted with my room mates.  There was a snorer, then there was the lady next door, crying on the phone.  Pretty soon there were regular trumps and smells wafting around the still, hot ward.  With observations being taken at 2200, 0200 and 0600, I managed to doze a little in between but couldn't get comfortable with a drain sticking out my side and a cannula still in my wrist.

D6 on Sara Ward

Morning came and I was desperate for coffee, but then I had to wait until nearly 0800 when it came with the breakfast trolley.  I was offered breakfast but sadly they had no gluten free option.  I was grateful for my little stash of snacks as otherwise I'd be starving.  No sooner had the breakfast been cleaned away than the surgeon came and did the rounds.  He seemed pleased with my wounds and the amount of liquid that was draining and declared that I could go home.  He even had a date for me to see Mr Kothari to have the drain removed - Tuesday 25 Feb.  Perfect, now all I needed was my pain medication and a spare drain bottle and I could be on my merry way.  Of course, nothing is ever that simple.  Lunch came and went and still no meds.  Finally, just after 1400 I was told my meds had arrived but it was another 30 mins before I got my discharge letter and was allowed to head home.  

Me with my snazzy drain bag


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