Pre breast surgery ritual

The good news is I'm all clear to continue with my Zometa.  The issue I had with my jaw was muscle related - probably strained with the amount of coughing I was doing in January and nothing at all to do with osteonecrosis.  The dentist at Guy's Hospital even said I had good teeth!

Now I'm settling in to my pre-surgery routine.  Alarm is set for 0600 as like the third time this op was scheduled, I need to be in at the Day Surgery Ward at Guy's Hospital by 0730.  I'm not allowed to eat or drink after 0200 and no water after 0600.  I just hoping that I'm first or second on the surgery list so I don't have to wait too long before being able to drink water again.

While I'm going to the day surgery ward, I'll definitely be staying in overnight this time as I haven't arranged for anyone to be with me.  It's been way too stressful asking people to take time out to come to hospital with me only to have the surgery cancelled.  I'm really hoping they'll let me go home after just the one night as you never get a good sleep on the ward.

This time I'm trying to prepare myself for the inevitable cancellation while taking everything in to hospital that I might need on the off chance that the breast surgery actually goes ahead.  I'll need pj's, although not sure how I'll manage getting those on and off with a drain hanging out my left boob!  I've got to take my lunch in as they don't cater for allergies and I'm still on the gluten free diet.  Then I'll need toiletries, must remember to take my nail polish off and I mustn't forget my phone charger...

Fourth date for breast surgery...


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