Post breast surgery recuperation

Now that the operation is finally over, it's all about recuperation.  I'm on day three now and I'm in need of a project or something to get me through the next two weeks!

Yesterday morning I had a wonderful treat.  A friend who'd just done park run called to ask if I needed coffee and brought in wonderful sticky cardamon buns and stayed for a good chat.

I did have a little panic last night.  With the stitches from surgery covered by a non waterproof bandage and the drain still in, I have to be careful about not getting the area wet.  I've managed with flannel washes however yesterday I noticed that, apologies to the squeamish, while most of the blood was congealed and red, there was a patch that looked rather black.  I was worried this might indicate an infection or worse still, necrosis - the blood flow to the wound had stopped.  I called the emergency number and they told me to go to A&E - St Thomas's A&E which is all the way over in Waterloo, not St Georges which is only 10 mins down the road.  I really didn't fancy going all the way to St Thomas A&E by myself on a Saturday evening so I called a friend who had been through the same surgery to get her opinion.  We decided to call 111 to get their opinion and to call one of Matt's mates who has trained to be a surgeon.  111 were pretty useless and said to follow the advice the advice line had given me - go to A&E.  Dr Leak then called and he assured me the black was nothing to worry about, it was if the wound got red, angry and hot.  Thankfully it's none of those things, panic over.

It's been a few days since I last washed my hair - actually since Weds 19 Feb, the day of the operation.  I've got a friend coming over this afternoon and little does she know, but she's going to be washing my hair for me as it's become quite unbearable.

Now, a project to keep me busy for the next two weeks but that won't do any damage to the wound...  I fear painting the wall in my bedroom might be out the question.

Lovely flowers post surgery


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