Round 29 of treatment

I've not had regular treatments for a while now.  I discussed a five week break with the Oncologist as I really wanted to be back home in New Zealand for Christmas and he was fine with that.  However that five week break turned into a six week break as I had to wait an additional week to recover from my RTI when I got back from holiday.

As I'd had a break of six weeks from treatment, the chemo ward had to follow protocol and the speed at which the Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab were dripped into me had to be extended to 90 mins and 60 mins and I had to be monitored for reactions.

My next round of treatment was supposed to be last week, Weds 19 February, however when I had the chance to have my surgery on that date, I was more than happy to bump treatment by a week and to have my treatment on week four.

Port a cath
Yesterday the chemo ward was really busy.  As there were no purple chairs, I was put in a side room which was fine as I had my work laptop with me and was going to keep on top of emails.  For the first time my port started playing up.  When the nurses tested it, it was working fine however when the drugs were being pumped through it would block at the machine would start beeping.  The nurses would come running, sort it out and just as they walked away it would go off again.  We taped the port down harder, I tried not moving but nothing seemed to work.  Somehow we got all the Zometa through and then we changed to port needle and it started to behave itself again 😉.

Next time, in the routine three weeks time, I'll be back to the normal of 30 mins each for Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab.

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