Sweepstake's on - reasons for cancelling surgery

On Monday I chose to work from home as I didn't want to be in the office when Guy's Hospital called to reschedule my operation - for the fourth time.  Having been awake since 4 am, I couldn't wait any longer so called the breast care team at 0800 and was told that the team were all out the office on an away day.  They could pass a message on to the surgical admissions team and ask them to call me.

I waited and waited all day but heard nothing.  Not wanting to take the piss I headed in to work on Tuesday, making sure I was in a quiet office and watching my phone like a hawk so I wouldn't miss any calls.  Around 11 I had a call from the breast care team, a nurse I've never met, who had only been told I was wondering whether or not I should take my Tamoxifen.  She had no idea that I'd had three operations cancelled, couldn't advise on the Tamoxifen as it's dependent on when my operation is rescheduled for.  I must admit, I was rather curt with her and filled her in on just how frustrated and upset I was about the whole thing.  She assured me she'd get in touch with the surgical admissions team and have them call me.

Tuesday came and went and I heard nothing.  First thing Wednesday morning I called Guy's Hospital again and explained the situation and asked for my breast care nurse, Alison, to call me.  Finally, I received a call from the surgical team saying my operation had been rescheduled.  The earliest they could do it was on Wednesday 4 March.  Apparently, Mr Kothari has read my notes now so I should be ok for the operation on 4 March.  I asked them to make a note that this time I would need to be an inpatient.  I'm not asking anyone else to alter their schedules, disrupt their work to be with me and take me home after an operation that I have no faith in actually happening.

Sweepstake time!

Sweepstake is open for reasons for the operation to be cancelled for a fourth time - put in the comments below!

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