2020: three new countries

If you're like me, you have a list of countries you'd like to visit a mile long.  The problem isn't knowing where to go, it's which country to choose!

My top contenders for 2020:
  1. Philippines - I'd promised to visit Vicki while she was working there and time's now running out...
  2. Jordan - Petra's way up there on my must see sites
  3. Denmark - Copenhagen with its uber cool chic and design 
  4. Greenland - why not?
On returning from Christmas at home in NZ and celebrating my birthday in the Philippines, I started investigating options for Jordan, Denmark and Greenland.  I was hoping to go to Jordan over Easter but then plans for that fell through when I couldn't find anyone to travel with.  On investigating Greenland, it seemed there were either cruises, exorbitantly expensive cruises, or adventure tours with lots of walking and kayaking which I can no longer do.  Greenland was looking less and less likely.

With a winter sale on flights, a long weekend in Copenhagen was booked for June.  That left a gap at Easter as Jordan was no longer viable or the possibility of planning something for later in the year.

As happens, I was talking travel with Vicki and we both agreed we wanted to visit South Africa.  Before a bottle of wine was even finished we'd agreed to go to South Africa in September and maybe, just maybe, see if we could manage it, to go to Swaziland and Lesotho as well...

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