3 Peaks Challenge Completed

3 Peaks Challenge completed!

Matt, we did it.  Three Peaks in 23 hours and 18 minutes.

After banging on about it for so long and trying but failing to get a team together through work, it was your family and Jim Mackay that made it happen and raised £3,500 for The Brain Tumour Charity to boot.

Trailing behind on Snowdon
Tom made us all t-shirts - walking, climbing, crawling for Matt with this photo of you.  He wasn't wrong, I was the weakest one in the team and the last peak, Snowdon nearly got the better of me a few times.

On Friday 6 June Jim Mackay picked me up from Oxford and Tom, Gemma and Bex up from Birmingham.  Mal was driving for Anne and James.  We drove in convoy up the motorway to Scotland.  We stayed overnight, stocked up on supplies and introduced your dad to red bull so he could stay awake for all the driving.  

1600 On Saturday 7 June we set off up Ben Nevis.  We were all in good spirits as we set off up the Peak.  Pretty soon it started to rain and I discovered my waterproof jacket wasn't actually waterproof any more.  To reach the top we were walking through snow and ice and there was a cold wind blowing.  We quickly took the "we made it to the top" photo and headed back down so we could change and have a kip while Jim and Mal drove us south to the Lake District.

Making good time and proving their worth as drivers, we set off up Scafell Pike around 4 in the morning.  It was still dark but not so dark we were falling over.  Up and down Scafell Pike, we fuelled up and set off for Wales and our last Peak, Snowdon.

I tried to sleep in the car but was too excited and overtired.  I dozed and wriggled and before we knew it, we'd arrived at the car park.  Our last peak and we were on schedule.  We set off but I pretty quickly started lagging behind but I made it.

Peak 2 - Scafell Pike
Peak 1, Ben Nevis
The team at the start of the challenge

We reached the top, but now the challenge was to make sure we made it back down before the 24 hours was up.  Mid way down, Mal and Jim, still buzzing from all the red bull they'd drunk, met us and joined us for our victory walk back to the car park. We'd done it and with time to spare.  23 hours and 18 minutes.  What a team!

Peak 3 - Snowdon


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