Coronavirus - at risk of severe illness

So I got the dreaded text last night: I have to hold myself hostage for 12 weeks.

I thought I was ok with it all last week.  I'm used to  lots of time on my own - after Matt passed I had to get used to my own company and then two years ago, spending all day at home for 10 months as I was going through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.  It felt a bit like that again.

However, last week I could still do a mad supermarket dash, pick up some fresh fruit and veg when I needed them.  I could also get out and walk in the fresh air in the park.  I need that walk - I'm scared that if I don't keep moving, my spine will deteriorate quicker.  The fresh air, and when we're lucky, sunshine, gives me my vitamin D, and a burst of serotonin to keep me happy and positive.

Now that reality is setting in, I'm thinking about my treatment - or lack of it.  I was meant to have treatment on Wednesday 18 March.  I'm now not allowed out the house for 12 weeks.  Does that include for scans?  What impact will not having treatment for 13 plus weeks have on my cancer?

The oncologist seemed to think that I'd know if anything was wrong.  I disagree - I felt fine (maybe a little tired) when I was diagnosed with not breast cancer but metastatic breast cancer.  

As a hostage taker, I have demands.  I need groceries - organic fruit and veg.  I have a mini fridge so I need these twice a week.  Will someone from the council, or better yet, army, come and do my bidding?

Looking forward to "more messages with information".


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