Coronavirus postpones cancer treatment

So I had my Oncology appointment via a phone consult with Dr Nathan yesterday.  Given the exceptional circumstances, I was pleased not to have to commute on the tube to Guy's Hospital, however a phone consult just isn't the same as being seen face to face.

I was informed my echocardiogram scan results were all fine, nothing to worry about there.   However, as I was on maintenance treatment and considered as low risk, they've put my three weekly treatment on hold for the foreseeable future.  Now, in a way, that's good news as I'm now seen as low risk.  In my mind though, if I can have a break of 9 or 12 weeks from treatment, then why am I getting it every three weeks?  Surely it's doing something and I need it???

They've not totally cut me loose though, I will continue to have scans.  I'm due another CT scan in April but I don't have a date for it as yet.  I'll then have another phone consult with the Oncology team to discuss the scan results.

As I have an underlying health condition, I'm now in the non-essential contact with others group and by the weekend will probably be "shielded from social contact for 12 weeks".  I'm just hoping and praying that it is just 12 weeks...


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