Post op physiotherapy

I had physio with the lovely Niamh on Wednesday.  She seemed really pleased with the way my boob was healing.  The scarring isn't too bad and she's shown me how to massage the area to make sure the scar tissue doesn't become too hard and pull when you stretch.

We also worked on more strengthening exercises.  I had a twinge in my left hip/pelvis the other day and my knees have been sore again.   Niamh gave me some exercises to strengthen the hip area to make sure my pelvis and knees are as supported as possible.  I'm to continue walking and moving as much as possible and I'll see Niamh again in six weeks.

After suspending my gym membership because of my operation scheduled in August last year, my membership at Balham Leisure Centre will finally resume again at the end of the month.  The plan is to start swimming as soon as all my wounds are fully healed.  My goal is to do 30 mins of moderate-intensity activity five days a week and swimming will be a great, low impact way to achieve that.

Being active has many benefits when you have cancer. It can: 
• reduce tiredness (fatigue)
• reduce anxiety and depression• help you keep to a healthy weight
• improve bone health
• improve your flexibility and ability to stretch 
• improve balance
• strengthen your muscles


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