Post surgery bra shopping

I'm only 11 days post surgery.  The surgeon's advice was to wear very supportive, zip front bras for the first 6 weeks and then after that I could switch to regular bras, or probably, due to the surgery, bras with no underwire.

I had a couple post surgery bras from the first operation, however when you need to wear them day and night, it's hard work washing them every day.  With the bandages off and the wounds not fully healed, I want to make sure I'm putting on a clean bra each day/night.  Even though my left boob is still swollen from surgery, I had to do something to ease the bra washing pressure so I went bra shopping.

M&S post surgery bra
I ended up back at M&S as they offer a fitting service and that's where I got my post surgery bra from last time.  I don't know what it was, but everyone was wanting to be fitted for a bra yesterday!  Thankfully they managed to squeeze me in and they even had the post surgery high impact sports bras in my size in stock.

The one thing about post surgery bras, they may not be pretty but they are VAT free.

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