Resilience during Corona (COVID-19)

I'm working on a staff strategy at work and we've been thinking about how to develop resilience.  Resilience is a dirty word around academics, does it mean we have weaknesses?  Maybe we should call it grit, determination, stamina...  Whatever we choose to call it, during this unprecedented time of uncertainty with Corona (COVID-19), we're all going to need to draw on it.

As part of my research for developing resilience, I'm reading John Kirwan's All Blacks Don't Cry.  If this quote from his book isn't apt for what we're experiencing today, I don't know what is:

Rugby is a great metaphor for life.  When you're running with the ball you feel strong, invincible, excited - and then when you get tackled and you hit the ground you're exposed and you feel weak.  Then you look up and see that the support's coming and that fills your heart with hope because you know your mates will look after you and protect the ball.

As we're all being forced to isolate, remember, it's your mates that will look after you.  But likewise, remember it's not about the quantity of mates but the quality of mates.

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