2.6 Challenge for Breast Cancer Haven

2.6 Challenge
26 April, the day the London Marathon (26 miles) would have taken place.  In 2019, the London Marathon raised £66.4 million for charities.  The postponement of the London Marathon has left a large deficit for charities.  Their solution - the 2.6 challenge.

Pick a thing, anything and get sponsored to do it 2.6 or 26 times, or for 2.6 hours or 26 hours - you get the drift:  hold a plank for 2.6 or 26 mins, create a treasure hunt of 26 items to find in 26 mins, make/bake 26 new recipes.  

You never know when you might be drawing on support from charities.  In 2018 I found out I had not just breast cancer, but advanced breast cancer.  It came as a complete shock - apart from a sore back, I was feeling fine, working full time, exercising and travelling.  Going through my chemo treatment, I drew on the support from Breast Cancer Haven.  The classes, networks and holistic treatments they provided were a godsend and helped me through my treatment.

It's scary enough being a cancer clubber and navigating your way through diagnosis, treatment and living with cancer, however COVID-19 has made it extra scary.  For many of us, our treatment has been stopped or postponed indefinitely.  We're to stay in our houses for 12 weeks, isolated at a time we're most vulnerable.  

If you haven't yet signed up to do a 2.6 challenge, please do.  If you're asked to sponsor someone to do a 2.6 challenge, please, if you can, do.  You never know when you might be calling on the support of a charity.

You can donate to Breast Cancer Haven here.


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