COVID-19 disrupts Easter plans

Rosy's Little Village
Easter 2020.  I was supposed to be on a yoga retreat at Rosy's Little Village in Agistri, Greece.  Instead, I'm at home in my flat doing Yoga with Adrienne, starting week four of my 12 week lock
down thanks to COVID-19.

I've got a voucher from BA for my flights and thankfully my hotel in Athens and my deposit for the retreat will be refunded.  I'm lucky in that sense.  The main thing I've lost is a week on an island, feeling the sun on my back and being near water.  I've also lost at least three months of really expensive travel insurance.

Since Matt passed, I've always tried to make sure I'm busy at Easter - not only is it a long weekend - four days I have to fill rather than the usual two, but Easter Saturday is our wedding anniversary.  This year, due to the chaos COVID-19 has caused, work has given everyone two extra days off at Easter.  Normally this would fill me with joy - two extra days leave.  However, given the fact that it's just me in my flat, I'm not supposed to go out anywhere and it's Easter, it's taken me a while to appreciate it.  Thank goodness for Zoom and being able to have virtual brunch and quarantinis with friends.


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