Guy's Cancer Centre during COVID-19

I had my 4 monthly CT scan yesterday.  Despite being on the government's list of most vulnerable and advised not to go out at all, when I asked about how to get to Guy's Cancer Centre for the scan, I was told by my Clinical Nurse Specialist to take the tube!

I was considering taking the tube however a friend came to the rescue and chauffeured me to and from my appointment.  The Cancer Centre is usually, very sadly, full of people however yesterday it was like a ghost town.

I was greeted outside by someone checking to make sure I wasn't feeling unwell.  When I passed that, I queued to clean my hands and be given a face mask.  I then queued inside the building to have my temperature taken.  Once I passed those three screenings I was able to check in and then head up to Outpatients to wait for my CT scan.

Screening at Guy's Cancer Centre
Screening form at Guy's Cancer Centre
 As I have a port, they decided to use that for the injection during the CT scan.  The port hasn't been accessed in nearly 6 weeks so it took a while for the nurse to be able to get any blood back, but eventually, after 4 syringes of saline, the port started behaving.  I was sent through to have my scan however, protocol is they also have to get blood back before they inject the contrast.  No luck, neither the radiologist nor the nurse were able to get blood back from the port so I had to be cannulated before they could proceed with the scan.  I have a phone consultation with the Oncology team on Monday 20 April when I should get the results of the scan.


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