Scan during COVID-19 lockdown

So I had a call from Guy's Hospital on Friday asking me to come in for my routine CT scan.  (Treatments have been postponed but scans are still being done.)  I asked how I was meant to get to Guy's Hospital - being one of the 1.5 million advised to stay indoors and not go out at all, I was wondering if anything had been put in place to help people get to hospital appointments.  Nope, I have to take the tube!  The tube...

I still haven't got my head around it.  On one hand I'm told I can't go for a walk in the park where I'll touch no one and benefit from fresh air and exercise.  On the other hand, I'm told to take the tube, a hot bed for catching COVID-19, to go for a routine scan.  🤔

I'll get my scan results via a phone consultation with the oncology team on Monday 20 April.  What I'm worried about is depicted perfectly in the graph below - the third wave... What will be the impact of not being able to have my regular treatment?  I've only had two treatments since 19 December when I usually would have had five.  It's another 10 weeks until the government lockdown on "vulnerables" ends, that's another 3 treatments missed.


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